BCM215 Project Pitch

Regarding my analytical framework, firstly with sponsorship, I will be seeing how YouTubers and companies partner up to further promote their game. Furthermore, I will then be examining how these sponsorships have led to the mutual success of both the YouTuber and the brand. For example, massive companies that have had sponsored YouTubers in the past include Ubisoft, Activision, and Blizzard. I will also be looking at the requirements that the YouTuber then must contribute back to fulfilling that obligation. Secondly, the audience, I will be utilising a humanities approach to this section. By looking into the communications aspect, what people take away from the game, whether they’re interested in it, or the channel, how does the person review the game conduct themselves through their language. Thirdly, the structure, the structure basically investigates how the video game review is structured, how do they conduct the review.

To add evidence and to further my DA, my sources will firstly consist of popular YouTubers that I watch whom have a reliable, clear, and interesting way of reviewing their games. The Moist Meter, for example has a 10 to 15 min review to which he gives concise information about the game, whereas the Angry Joe Show has 40min reviews where really gives a detailed review of the video game. Additionally, I’ll be looking into articles that my analytical analysis and to see the many different styles of reviewing games.

Weekly Schedule 
MondayWatch YouTube Game reviews
TuesdayWatch YouTube Game reviews
WednesdayResearch analytical framework topics
ThursdayResearch video game to review
Sunday Post Review

In conclusion, my goal is to be able to create a YouTube channel where I can express my passion in video game reviews, while simultaneously giving a through look in my analytical framework.


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Petrova, E. and Gross, N., 2021. 4 reasons people watch gaming content on YouTube. [online] Available at:  Accessed 15 August 2021.


The Moist Meter:

Angry Joe:

By RL54321

2 replies on “BCM215 Project Pitch”

I really enjoyed watching your video, I thought you spoke in a very clear voice and were succinct with your points. Your blog post flowed on from your video well and was very easy to read. I was just wondering if there were any specific video games or genres of games you will be reviewing or if it is just games as a whole? I also like that you have a daily schedule rather than a weekly schedule as I can see much more clearly how your project is going to develop.


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